CTRLZAK JCP ligomancer sofa
CTRLZAK expands JCP universe with bespoke ligomancer sofa
all images courtesy of CTRLZAK art & design studio




‘ligomancer’ is a bespoke sofa designed by italian-greek studio CTRLZAK for JCP UNIVERSE, an ambitious furniture company founded by architect livio ballabio in 2015. currently the creative force behind JCP, the studio’s work is a fusion of art and design through a continuous challenging of established notions of form and aesthetics.

CTRLZAK JCP ligomancer sofa‘ligomancer’ sofa designed by CTRLZAK




the piece itself is characterized by its bold tailor-made copper structure, which is wrapped in a spontaneous composition of elastic support bands — a common component often relegated to the hidden interior of cushioned furniture. utilizing more than 100meters of banding, ‘ligomancer’ marks the boundary where line becomes form. only through direct interaction can the seating surface be delineated, accomplished when one finds his or herself nestled within a web-like nest of material.

a spontaneous weave of bands serves on both functional and visual levels




the product’s concept — and resulting essence — is drawn from the words of english artist and author alistair gentry. he begins, ‘a few of the most telepathic of that region can be heard declaring that when the flames were at their peak, two men and a woman were drifting in the midst of the fire, and that they ascended on black threads through the collapsing and molten steel girders and the broken glass, then passed through the air like lightning to vanish with a clap of thunder.’ ‘ligomancer’ by CTRLZAK for JCP UNIVERSE was presented during MDW 2016

CTRLZAK JCP ligomancer sofa
elastic bands make up the body of the sofa 

CTRLZAK expands JCP UNIVERSE with bespoke ligomancer sofa
stainless steel tubular structure with tailor-made copper finish

CTRLZAK JCP ligomancer sofa
‘moonscraper music / machine intelligences / bound by song and string’ ligomancer’s haiku by alistair gentry



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