reverse chair by CTRLZAK lets you choose between eastern and western style
all images courtesy of CTRLZAK




designed by milan-based studio CTRLZAK for mogg, ‘reverse’ brings two classical chairs together into a single hybrid object that, thanks to its interchangeable components made in solid beech wood, can be re-arranged to offer two different sitting solutions, giving the user a choice of which style to go for. to create this piece, the designers searched for a parallel in human history regardless of geography, culture of climate, and the found it in the common needs amongst humans, seating being one of them.

reverse chair
the legs are easily screwed to the seat




when designing the ‘reverse chair’, milan-based studio CTRLZAK focused on two historical chair archetypes: the european rocchetto style chair and the chinse deng gua (lamp hanger) chair. both chairs shared centuries of existence and were initially used by the rich as their everyday seating objects. the chairs eventually ended up in common people’s houses where they can still be found nowadays. 

reverse chair
reverse allows you to choose which side to take, east or west 

reverse chair
the chair can be rearranged in two different ways according to the user

reverse chair
reverse chair, a double face design



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