CTRUS football by AGENT
CTRUS football by AGENT
feb 22, 2010

CTRUS football by AGENT

the mexican design studio ‘AGENT’, headed up by michel rojkind and alberto villarreal just informed us of a new football they have designed called ‘CTRUS’.

billed as ‘the first soccer ball you can see through’ the design emulates the bounce of an inflated pneumatic soccer ball, but offers the advantage of not loosing air. an inner light also displays if the ball is over the goal line or outside the field of play.




CTRUS football by AGENT

— following information provided by AGENT:

‘CTRUS’ functional principle is based on the mechanical properties of its materials. it is composed by an inner structure (skelle-core) and an outer net-embedded shell, made out of reinforced elastomers. these pieces have different durometer according to its structural location. the flexibility provided by its materials, emulates the bounce of an inflated pneumatic soccer ball, but offers the advantage of not loosing air. CTRUS doesn’t need air in order to perform.’




CTRUS football by AGENT

CTRUS provides added functionality controlled by the electronic components in its nucleus which communicate wirelessly with control stations at the stadium:

– inner light, color changes at critical game situations (goal, offside and out of bounds). – recording of kick force and travel speed. – location of the ball relative to the court (interactive detection system via GPS / RFID). – P.O.V. camera footage (software stabilized image).




CTRUS football by AGENT

CTRUS football by AGENT

CTRUS football by AGENT

CTRUS football by AGENT

CTRUS football by AGENT

CTRUS football by AGENT

CTRUS football by AGENT

CTRUS football by AGENT

the HYB method with the HYB method, AGENT skilfully rearranges specific components from diverse sources in order to obtain new effective hybrid solutions and applies them where they are needed. the HYB method presents new approaches for the endless paradigms and challenges of our times as well as for the complex futures upon us.

CTRUS football by AGENT

AGENT we firmly believe that for every mission there is a unique solution. by re-defining current problematics as design opportunities, we develop custom made experiences for each one of our clients and the end users. the way of the AGENT means creating innovative results for any segment that requires design; and most importantly, getting involved in projects that positively impact our society and the environment.


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  • So how does it work with swerving shots? http://www.forma.gen.tr

  • Andrew, yes i do and there this ball isn’t used more in the World Cup…unfortunately 🙁
    I think, this is a very good idea! Nice ball 😛

  • Orange verdad???

    El concepto esta bastante, bastante interesante, solo que hay ciertos detalles que en lo personal veo:

    1.- el balón será hecho a base de algún elastomero que les va a permitir absormer el impacto y que pueda regresar a su forma original sin ser deformado. Solo que la resilicencia debe ser un factor exactamente identico al de los balones actuales.

    2.-Todo material recibe un desgaste con su uso, sin importar su módulo de elasticidad. en los balones convencionales eso se soluciona “hechandole aire al balón”, en este concepto creo que con el paso del tiempo el balón puede llegar a ser inservible.

    3.- Las perforaciones de la superficie no son del mismo diametro eso puede ayudar a que el balon contenga agua en juegos con lluvia. Defnitivamente optaria por una superficie sin ningun tipo de perforación.

    La estructura interna esta muy bien planeada, excelente diria yo y el concepto del chip que te de información practicamente de todo lo que sucede en la cancha, es algo realmente muy bien planeado…..

    Solo que habria un pequeño detalle, los jueces de linea, posiblemente desaparecerian.. jejeje


  • excelente, moderna pero cuanto cuesta? ya esta a la venta?. pero cada vez que sale nueva tecnologia, añoro mas el pasado.

    josefa l.
  • fake !

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