culdesac: casa turia pop-up store, valencia
all images courtesy of culdesac




culdesac were commissioned by valencian beer label turia märzen to help revive its brand, as well as create a pop-up shop in which to share the history of the brewing company and relaunch their toasted beer in 330mL bottles. the vision for ‘casa turia’ was to develop a space in which the almost 80 year old business could present its heritage, evolution and milestones over the years to the greater public–from the 1950s through to the present day.


situated at C/ marqués de dos aguas, 4 in the heart of valencia, the temporary store has been designed as a ‘home’. immediately from the exterior, one sees a timber frame construction extending from the façade, displaying the iconic shape of a house (which runs through the back of the store). the structure shapes the dynamic front window display of movable modules made from turia märzen bottles in the guise of traditional valencian latticework. on the interior, culdesac has realized a casual atmosphere that is reminiscent of a living room, where representatives can share the story of the brand as well as engage in taste tests and presentations with visitors.



culdesac: casa turia pop-up store, valencia
the pop-up shop has been designed around the idea of the home




the concept for the design is based on a framework of several layers. the roof is made from pinewood shingles and has several openings which allow light to shine in. the character of the materials employed speak of the local culture, and offer visual diversity through texture and color. a vertical garden features fragrant plants which heightens the sensorial experience.

a long display table runs down the centre of the retail area where locally designed products, as well as the brand’s merchandise are available for purchase. a pathway is envisaged as the kitchen / dining area where visitors can try turia beer and where the brewmaster talks about how the product is made, its ingredients and the types of food products from the region pair well with the beverage. the shop is up until october 2013.



culdesac: casa turia pop-up store, valencia
the interior features many spanish products and employs local materials in its design



culdesac: casa turia pop-up store, valencia
display and retail area



culdesac: casa turia pop-up store, valencia
a green wall features fragrant plants to heighten the experience



culdesac: casa turia pop-up store, valencia



culdesac: casa turia pop-up store, valencia
culdesac has helped rebrand the almost 80 year old brewing company


project info:

project: casa turia
location: calle marqués de dos aguas, 4 46002 valencia (spain)
author: culdesactm
start date: 22 – april – 2013
end date: 2 – may – 2013
surface area: 42 m2
promoter (client): turia
materials used: pinewood (50 x 90 mm beam sections), sackcloth or jute fabric, natural wicker fabric, ceramic (bowls, pots, jugs, etc.), glass (bottles), living material, plants and trees