‘translapina’ table by culdesac for punt mobles





we are continuously looking for ways in which to optimize our lives easier, looking for products that are flexible and adaptable to the situations we find ourselves in. ‘transalpina’ addresses this by offering a table which extends via a cantilever board, but which functions in a much more open and lateral manner than previous surfaces of its kind–where the technical solution in which to do so does not define its purpose, even though the appearance of the piece still indicates the manner in which it increases in length. culdesac has achieved this for punt mobles by drafting more slender and proportional components that result in smoother transitions, rather than the bulky parts and clunky movements often associated with tables of this kind. here, the additional surface slides easily outwards with the legs accompanying it so that it still remains sturdy in its most expanded form offering ease and practicality of use, either as a kitchen table, or larger dining table for parties and additional guests. 




culdesac: transalpina table for punt moblesthe table in its compact form




culdesac: transalpina table for punt moblesdetail of the extension



culdesac: transalpina table for punt mobleslong view



how the ‘transalpina’ table extends

video courtesy of punt



culdesac: transalpina table for punt mobles

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