cupetit cupcake store in taiwan is rounded like the sweet treat




located in taiwan the ‘cupetit concept store’ by taiwanese studio guoplus living design is a cupcake and desert restaurant that features rounded elements, designed in reference to the sweet treat. in addition to selling baked goods, the site also functions as a gallery and events space, with an area for local artists to showcase their work.


a series of circular objects – the round art wall, counter, table, and chandelier – provide an open environment where people can freely move around and interact. lighting has been installed to cater to different occasions, enabling the multifunction room to be turned into a bar with a performance stage. by combining artworks with delicious cakes, the ‘cupetit concept store’ serves as an urban retreat for busy city dwellers.


the cupetit cupcake store also functions as a gallery space


exterior view


view of the circular table and counter


the round art display wall


view of the round table and chandelier


a food display wall


orange is cupetit’s major branding color and it is used throughout the design


site plan



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