detail render of a customized 3D-printed ipad case, part of a collaborative project between fresh fiber and freedom of creation

electronics accessories company fresh fiber, together with industrial design agency freedom of creation, are at work on a collaborative project to develop the first web-based tool by which consumers can virtually sculpt their own custom products.

currently seeking funding on kickstarter, the team has designed a series of customizable 3D printed ipad cases as their first set of prototypes. the products range from a basic ipad shell and small collapsible stands to a hybrid model case whose back can be snapped out into one of two stands of different heights. all are made of shock-absorbent grey nylon, and the details of their design are intended to be fully customizable.

custom 3D printed ipad cases full view of the nylon case

in the project’s final implementation, users would generate their designs through an online interface. the production team would make a CAD file to implement the design, before running the file through a 3D printer to create the custom piece.

custom 3D printed ipad cases customizable collapsible ipad stands

custom 3D printed ipad cases custom ipad case with fold-out stand

custom 3D printed ipad cases detail view