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wheels are out after custom bike with continuous tracks proves to function without them

Custom bike with continuous tracks ditches the wheels


Engineer and content creator Sergii Gordieiev is back with another custom bike design. This time, he trades wheels for continuous tracks, making his city bicycle resemble a personal military tank that can withstand even the curbside. Before this project, Sergii Gordieiev, better known as The Q on his YouTube channel, built a custom bike with square wheels using discarded bicycle parts and a set of bouncy triangle-shaped ones, split the back wheel in half to create a one-of-a-kind, fully functional bicycle, and even fitted his creation with reclining continuous tracks.


He might have already experimented with continuous tracks, but this may be the first time that he laid them down on the floor to mimic the tank and construction vehicles’ wheels. The custom bike draws its materials from recycled bicycle parts around Sergii Gordieiev and The Q’s workshop, and he just pieced them all together to create his recent custom city bike. As seen in the video, it looks like the continuous tracks are detachable to make the ride seemingly portable. In this way, the rider might be able to fit their custom bike in their car’s trunk.

custom bike continuous tracks
video stills by The Q via Youtube



Bike chain attached to rear continuous track


Looking at the custom bike with continuous tracks, Sergii Gordieiev and The Q designed a rising platform with the rear being shorter than the front fork. The scheme makes the handlebar on the same level as the cushioned seat so it can be easier for the rider to rest their arms on the handles. It looks like the custom bike may not have an adjustable seat and handlebar height at the moment, making the wheel-less ride fitting only for specific riders.


The continuous tracks work through the giant disc that makes up the center of the custom bike. A long bicycle chain circulates around the disc with its lower-left part attached to the mini disc embedded in the rear continuous track. Through this setup, the rider can roll forward as the chain propels the rear continuous track to move, which also sets the front one in motion even if it is not attached to the chain. By the looks of it, the custom bike can be taken on short trips around the city and can withstand the curbside, as seen in the video.

custom bike continuous tracks
Sergii Gordieiev is back with another custom bike design by trading bike wheels for continuous tracks

custom bike continuous tracks
close up view of the custom bike continuous tracks

custom bike continuous tracks
the bike chain is attached to the rear continuous track which makes the ride move forward

custom bike continuous tracks
this may not be the first time Sergii Gordieiev experimented with continuous tracks as seen here


custom bike continuous tracks by Sergii Gordieiev and The Q

custom bike continuous tracks
the custom bike still functions without the wheels

custom bike continuous tracks
as seen in the video, it can bike over roads even if it takes a bit of time



project info:


name: Bike on continuous tracks

creator: Sergii Gordieiev

channel: The Q

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