[D3] contest winners at IMM cologne 2014
‘ordnungshalber’ peg rail by christoph goechnahts 
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[D3] contest is an international competition for avant-garde creatives that offers young designers a platform in which to present their ideas for innovative furnishing objects to an international trade audience and industry professionals. as an annual program of IMM cologne‘s interior innovation award, once again this year the expert jury selected three winning designers and awarded them a prize for ideas and prototypes.





first prize: ‘ordnungshalber’ (for the sake of order) peg rail by christoph goechnahts from switzerlandimm-cologne-2014-D3-contest-winner_ordnungshalber_christoph_goechnahts_switzerland_1st-price_designboom03
‘ordnungshalber’ by christoph goechnahts is a peg rail that runs around the perimeter of a room




a re-interpretation of the shaker peg rail from 1880, christoph goechnahts‘s ‘ordnungshalber’ is a hanging and storage unit that horizontally divides a wall and runs around the perimeter of a room. the rail can be adorned with wedge hooks, small shelves or boxes, as desired. its protruding profile makes it possible to hang plans and or posters on it, and provides space for clothes, books, pictures and ornaments – simply a home for everything. ‘ordnungshalber’ can also be used as a one-meter piece with or without boxes and shelf boards. for example as a coat hanger. fixed is the wood rail with small plastic wedges on the wall. the rail, and all other parts, are just wedged together and don’t need any tools for the fitting. peg rail, boxes and shelf boards are made in ash wood. the grey hooks are in plastic with a softish surface. ‘ordnungshalber’ also forces its user to think about, how many things he wants to life and surround himself with.

‘my work ‘ordnungshalber’ is an reinterpretation of the shaker peg rail. I started working on the project exactly one year ago, in the context of my bachelor thesis. the shaker was a religious community in the united states formed in the 18th century. they were very conservative, but they were pioneers with their wooden furniture design. the original shaker peg rails were first made in the 1850s. I designed my own interpretation of it, respecting the shakers principles. it is among other things, simple, honest and faithful. the title of this work is a german expression and plays with the words: sorted, orderly, order, formal severity and ‘that’s how it is’. ‘ordnungshalber’ is a mix of furniture design and architecture. the rail is running around the whole room. the ‘ordnungshalber’ peg rail is expandable with boxes and shelf boards. it is flexible and can be used freely and unrestricted; wedges are only put where they are needed. the profile enables the hanging of posters and the insertion of cards.’ christoph goechnaht


the protruding profile makes it possible to hang and store things
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designer christoph goechnahts
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second prize: ‘reverso’ interactive separation system by yann mathys from switzerlandimm-cologne-2014-D3-contest-winner_reverso_yann_mathys_2nd-price_designboom01
‘reverso’ interactive separation system by yann mathys
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‘reverso’ by yann mathys from switzerland is an interactive separation system. the frame was cut and stretched to be able to manipulate the scales by hand or squeegee. these small elements also react differently to light depending on their position. the divider can be produced in different sizes and is accompanied by an adjustable mounting device that allows one to adapt it to a variety of situations. constructed using Tyvek® it is a strong and durable product, it is the result of the culmination of  research on paper matter. 


yann mathys demonstrates how ‘reverso’ works
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designer yann mathys
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illustrating the changes that can be made in the surface


small weights anchor the screen


components for constructing ‘reverso’




third prize: ‘jella’ by lena schlumbohm from germanimm-cologne-2014-D3-contest-winner_jella_lena_schlumbohm_3rd-price_designboom03
‘jella’ by lena schlumbohm is a lighting object made from steel whose illuminated arm can be adjusted




‘jella’ by lena schlumbohm from germany is a luminaire composed of a steel base and an adjustable illuminated arm. this component can be flexibly and intuitively attached to the stand, providing tailor-made illumination for every work situation – from classic office situations to semi-professional home offices to private works spaces.


possible configurations of the arm




from left to right: lena schlumbohm, christoph goechnahts, yann mathys at the interior innovation award ceremony 2014