DA A lecce is where heavy-duty mechanical industry meets furniture design 
the tatou chair by angeletti ruzza fabricated at DA A






italian construction company DA A italia specializes in producing heavy duty machinery parts, but with unstable markets they decided to expand its portfolio with endeavor into furniture. in a gang of large machinery, they are able to bend, shape and form large sheets of metal without any disruption to the factory floor. in this alternative to mass production, DA A with the help of designers such as – lorenzo damiani, laudani – romanelli, studio klass, angeletti ruzza, castiglia associati, bartoli design, emilio nanni, denis santachiara, leonardo talarico, milesi – yamada, luca casini, and ce studio, takes on the challenge of making home furnishings using their tools and mastery, normally employed to manufacture buckets, arms and frames for farming and construction machinery. designboom visited their factory in lecce in the province of puglia, to see how DA A, owned by ALCAR metal industries, produces the detailed customizable furniture pieces alongside massive heavy duty hardware in one of the largest factories in italy. 

pre cut sheet ready for bending 
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the word ‘da a’ in italian means; –  a change of status, and thats what they’re trying to do. a different vision of design influenced by a dialogue with architects and designers. the strength and the challenge of this experience is a blank page, which represents complete creative freedom. but with that liberty, there is no comparison with pervious experiences and no references to predefined styles.

two works machine bending
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before designing, the creators witnessed the capabilities of the factory. observing techniques for aging metals such as natural acid burning and ruthenium salts, they were able interpret elaborate organic patterns that made the pieces look indestructible. adding resistant coatings found on ships and tractors, the furniture pieces are able to be used for indoor and outdoor applications. 

bench starting to form 
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their industry runs parallel to the furniture industry, with methods of fabrication, techniques and processes. DA A wants to blur those lines, and voice them in the objects with a clear, and strong base on the flexibility between design and metal, but also with process such as welding, bending and finishing. this linkage adds a place and value of industry dexterity in italy. opposite of industry segregation produces new technological solutions, and a return to traditional craftsmanship and quality. the visit at the DA A factory showcased that the machinery are not only tools, but a gateway into research and design for the furniture they fabricate. 

same metals used in machinery parts 
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each piece is customizable through the process 
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the final product: the black ‘benna’ indoor bench by lorenzo damiani  

the seating collection at the factory
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the small parts station 
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large machine pieces being fabricated side by side 
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the ‘tatou’ by angeletti ruzza next to ‘sen-su’ by bartoli design all use local metals from the factory
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the ‘doors’ cabinet by bartoli design 

on the far left includes the ‘saddle’ by emilio nanni 
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each pieces can be fabricated in a select amount of colors 
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CNC laser machined cutouts
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‘tendura’ indoor outdoor divider by gianluca milesi and michiko yamada

heavy load buckets by DA A 
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‘otran’ chair by emilio nanni