‘memolaim‘ by dan goldschmidt

israeli student at the holon institute of technology, dan goldschmidt, has created ‘memolaim’ – a collection of seating objects as a result of experimenting with fabric and polyurethane. the textile functions as a mold while at the same time the chair upholstery – where a specially stitched covering is filled with the industrial foam. the aesthetic is characterized by bold coloring and an inflated form – an outcome of exploring the opportunity for firm yet lightweight furniture through re-interpreting the use of common materials.

dan goldschmidt: memolaim the design is created by filling a specially stitched textile mold with polyurethane foam 

dan goldschmidt: memolaim a front view of the chairs showing two different designs

dan goldschmidt: memolaim the furniture is lightweight yet firm

dan goldschmidt: memolaim the concept explores the possibilities of common materials

dan goldschmidt: memolaim a process image showing the designer cutting the fabric

dan goldschmidt: memolaim the designer sewing the textile shell

a video showing the process of the work