the morocco pendant by dan johnstone mimics ancient hurricane lanterns
all images courtesy of dan johnstone




referencing traditional hurricane lanterns, the ‘morocco pedant’ by UK designer dan johnstone was recently shortlisted for designboom’s 2013 OLED LIGHTING international design competition, organized in collaboration with LG CHEM and LG electronics, south korea. influenced by the intricately decorated outer walls of the ancient lampshades, the project translates this idea using OLED technology, enabling the surfaces of the form to directly become the light source.


the suspended lamps consist of six 140 x 140mm panels, held in pairs within a polyurethane sleeve to allow a natural hinge between them. swinging from the structural frame, these parts are attached in two separate places. the movement of the pendants can be controlled by a drawstring cord and adjusted into different configurations, spreading light across the room in multiple directions. 


the ‘morocco pendant’ integrates OLED technology into its outer form


the adjustable lights are suspended like lanterns from the ceiling


the different components of the lamp


detailed design drawings


concept sketches