for its latest furniture product, copenhagen based brand a. peterson launches the ‘wire chair’ designed by architect dan svarth. the chair was first ideated by svarth in 1972 while he was teaching at the royal danish academy – school of architecture and, at the same time, working with renowned danish architect and designer poul kjærholm. svarth made the initial prototype himself, bending ordinary water pipes to make the chair’s signature curved frame.


the only problem with svarth’s design back in the 70s was that the wire wasn’t sturdy enough for long-term use. now, a. peterson has given the furniture piece a contemporary update with a diagonal carbon fiber weave, making the chair strong and stable.

dan svarth's wire lounge chair marries comfort with an industrial look
the design features a hand-polished stainless steel frame



the carbon fiber wire, made in the a. petersen workshop at kløvermarksvej, is paired with a hand-polished stainless steel frame welded by mikkel kjærholm. 


the final piece gives a cool, industrial look but a. petersen also attests that the chair is surprisingly comfortable because thanks to a little bit of give from the wire weave, the seat and back of the chair follow the shape of the user’s body. to find out more about the wire chair, visit the a. petersen website here.

dan svarth's wire lounge chair marries comfort with an industrial look
the seat and back are made with wire in carbon fiber



project info:


name: wire chair (DS)
designer: dan svarth
retailer: a. peterson


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edited by: lynne myers | designboom