daniel libeskind’s clock for alessi defines time as a maze of abstract connections
image courtesy of alessi




polish-american architect daniel libeskind has designed ‘time maze’ for alessi – a clock whose body takes the form of a broken line. the object’s design explicitly recalls the architect’s style, with discontinuous lines, broken surfaces, cuts and openings. at the center, can be found the clock’s mechanism. by defining that time is not linear or circular, but a labyrinth of abstract connections and playful interactions, the clock can be hung in any orientation allowing for a customized hanging in each home. the alessi ‘time maze’ clock is constructed from stainless steel and comes in red, black and stainless versions.


video courtesy of alessi




alessi presents ‘time maze’ at ICFF during new york design week 2016

the front view
image courtesy of alessi

the back view
image courtesy of alessi

concept drawings of the ‘time maze’
image courtesy of daniel libeskind



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