daniel libeskind cosentino
daniel libeskind + cosentino install musical labyrinth in front of frankfurt’s alte oper
all images by wonge bergmann




to accompany a 24-hour opera experience, the german city of frankfurt has installed an abstract map that serves as a visual representation of the unique event. designed by architect daniel libeskind, in collaboration with cosentino, the work — titled ‘musical labyrinth’ — is located in the plaza of frankfurt’s alte oper. on may 21 and 22, 2016, the city will open the doors to 18 unusual concert venues, setting the stage for 75 consecutive opera performances. the musical experience is titled one day in life, and has been curated by libeskind and organized by the alte oper concert hall.

daniel libeskind cosentino
‘musical labyrinth’ is located in the plaza of frankfurt’s alte oper




as visitors approach the main square, they encounter a 289 square meter landscape etched with libeskind’s original concept sketch for the project. the platform is constructed from 80 black dekton slabs etched in white relief. the lines of the drawing illustrate a labyrinth within the city, indicating points that correlate to the addresses of the different venues — each location a metaphor for 18 of life’s basic conditions. the public are invited to walk on and interact with the installation as a piece of public art. ‘every city creates its own structure through dreams,’ says libeskind. ‘the streets we walk on and the topographies we experience exist simultaneously in reality and mystery.’

daniel libeskind cosentino
the 289 square meter landscape is etched with libeskind’s original concept sketch




using the map as a starting point, members of the public are free to explore the event’s various concert locations — several of which are held in locations not normally accessible to the public. ‘this installation will be the core element of the project, and its role will be fundamental while the concerts are being held,’ continues daniel libeskind. ‘starting from today, people are now invited to walk through the labyrinth and interact with the structure.’


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daniel libeskind cosentino
the lines of the sketch illustrate an imaginary labyrinth within the city

daniel libeskind cosentinodaniel libeskind at the installation’s inauguration

daniel libeskind cosentino
various points correlate with the addresses of the different concert venues
image © studio libeskind