‘denver’ door handle by daniel libeskind

today, at made expo 2010 in milan, the prominent italian manufacturer olivari presented a new door handle designed by architect daniel libeskind. libeskind is used to creating big budget projects such as the art museum in denver with large-scale walls and doors. these are his design signatures, meant to evoke surprise in the people who visit his buildings. so, his fans might be truly surprised that the architect is looking to remake objects on a tinier scale, including light fixtures, bathtubs, and doorknobs, for a variety of european manufacturers. regarding olivari’s new door handle he says: ‘I believe people want a ‘wow’ experience in their lives, not just when they visit a museum.’

daniel libeskind 'denver' door handle ‘denver’ door handle

daniel libeskind 'denver' door handle art museum – denver designed by daniel libeskind

daniel libeskind 'denver' door handle architect daniel libeskind image courtesy of olivari