conceived by daniel rybakken for luceplan, the design proposes a new gesture for turning on and regulating light. it is available in two versions: with a base; or an anchor bolt for tables which is impact resistant thanks to a co-molded base of steel and rubber, offering users the ability to tilt the cylindrical shaft up to 15 degrees.the simple act of moving the ‘ascent’ table lamp’s shade up and down its central technopolymer stem, allows users to adjust the intensity of the light emitted–at the base it sits at 0% and as one slides it upwards it gets brighter, ascending to full light at the top. the lathed head is made from an aluminum sheet, anodized with an aluminum tone that is painted in a black finish, accompanied by a steel base of the same color. conceived by


how the ‘ascent’ table lamp worksvideo courtesy of luceplan 

daniel rybakken: ascent for luceplan0% and 10% intensity 

daniel rybakken: ascent for luceplan50% and 100% intensity

daniel rybakken: ascent for luceplandaniel rybakken with his ‘ascent’ lamp for luceplan

daniel rybakken: ascent for luceplanin context of an interior environment


daniel rybakken on his lighting designvideo courtesy of luceplan 

daniel rybakken: ascent for luceplanworking prototype 

daniel rybakken: ascent for luceplan3D printed tests of the head and base

daniel rybakken: ascent for luceplantechnical specifications