extraordinarycraft is the title of the danish crafts‘ brand new collection of objects. the thirteenth collection in the series, the objects in this group speak to our emotionswhile also maintaining ‘that little extraordinary something to keep us thinking’. the collection tells the story of the evolution which has taken place in danish craft and design, which has made a move from handcraft to mindcraft, demonstrating the position that craft occupies, by adding something a little extra to the ordinary.

the teabag by marie langaa

this teapot is cast in porcelain based on a model sewn in cloth, reproducing the texture of the textile material. a classic door knob is used as a handle. teabag meets the teapot’s functional challenges while telling a story about homeliness through recognizable products: textile and the doorknob.

danish crafts: extraordinarycraft collection stacking by louise gaarmann

this is a series of porcelain plates from royal copenhagen that have been stacked, covered and decorated with silicone. gaarmann wanted to highlight a part of danish history when royal copenhagen once produced quality danish porcelain which no one appreciates today, pieces wasting away in thrift stores. stacking gives the plates renewed meaning, recycling the porcelain into a redesigned quirky object.

danish crafts: extraordinarycraft collection vase in a box by SUP & molgard

vase in a box is meant make use of materials around us. here, the bottoms of PET bottles are cut off and inserted in a plug hole of a standard base, becoming a vase. the design is simple and anonymous, but once the bottle is fitted and flowers are placed within, the function of the piece emerges and the design fades into the background.

danish crafts: extraordinarycraft collection flux by jonas klein

consisting of 136 white modules which are assembled into a single unit, flux is a floor lamp / light sculpture which occupies the space between practical object and sculpture. the design is meant to reflect the desire to make a lamp from many modules while maintaining a simple aesthetic. the piece draws on klein’s interest in mathematical formulas and shapes.

danish crafts: extraordinarycraft collectionstack it! by jacob skov stack it! porcelain cups are all identical and can be stacked side by side instead of the conventional, ‘on top of one another’. there are indentations on the side of the cups as well as a half-dome in the bottom of the vessel which act as locking mechanisms and allow for a variety of arrangements.

danish crafts: extraordinarycraft collectionlaid table by majken mann

graphic tablecloths which come in different designs and place settings: coffee for 4, dinner and first course for 6 and dinner party for 8.

danish crafts: extraordinarycraft collectionastack by helgo

astack is a stackable candleholder which can be combined using a range of different shapes and colors. the candleholders are made of turned beech wood with a candle cup in turned aluminum. the design draws on the idea of stacking toys.

danish crafts: extraordinarycraft collectionbroiler bowls by anna olivia kristensen

this set of three blue and white porcelain bowls are silkscreen printed with an image which illustrates the growth rate and cramped living conditions of boiler hens.

danish crafts: extraordinarycraft collectionthe what is jewellery collection – rip off & 24carat by liv eskholm

rip off_ is a piece of jewellery which is worn on the body, attached with adhesive tape, while 24carat consists of pieces such as an actual brooch, a pendant with a ball chain and finger ring. it is jewellery with a very rough expression, with the only ornamentation being the perforated inscriptions which indicate the name of the piece.

danish crafts: extraordinarycraft collectionlumber wear by rikke jo tholstrup

the idea for lumber wear came from a campaign run by environmental organization nepenthes which promotes the sustainable use of the world’s forests. the current campaign addresses issues around avoiding the use of wooden garden furniture which is produced on the basis of illegal logging.

danish crafts: extraordinarycraft collectionhome sweet home by jessica svensson all images courtesy of danish crafts©2007/jeppegudmundsen.com

home sweet home is a kitchen bench which pulls out. the wooden side of the bench slides out of an aluminum powder-painted ‘sleeve’ extending the seat to adjusted length. the seat reflects the simple country life of the past, when people slept and worked in the same place, a time when there was less opportunities to make choices. the simple aesthetic is juxtaposed against a more contemporary approach, which addresses today’s demands for flexibility.