it is often said that nature has more than 4 billion years of research and development ahead of humans, and that’s true. thanks to digital technology like dassault systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we are closer than ever to creating systems similar to nature. I am not just taking about shapes and colors of the natural world; I’m talking about the collective intelligence and ability to evolve the strategy of survival and shared information between created ecosystems. there is a pragmatic sense of simplicity you can find in biology. that is why I’m using new technologies in my design process to get closer to the efficiency and reliability of nature,’ explains tony parez-edo martin, french industrial designer and founder of paredo studio, in our interview about dassault systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud and how the powerful tools aid his creative sustainable design process.


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dassault systemes 3DEXPERIENCE
designer tony parez-edo martin uses the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to aid his creative sustainable design process



dassault systemes, a leader in 3D design and engineering software, aids designers, architects and engineers alike in realizing ideas through powerful tools such as the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud. through a wide range of creative applications, this platform supports mechanical engineering, advanced generative design, simulation, additive manufacturing and more in many different disciplines and scales, from architectural to product or transportation design. all a creator needs is an internet connection; the intuitive tools are all online, so you can share the project securely and easily with collaborators, showcase designs to clients, and validate experiences and make modifications instantaneously.


I am a user but also a contributor for dassault systemes,’ continues tony parez-edo martin.I work with the company to aid improvements in social and sustainable innovations with their tools. as part of the creation of a new 3D web application, we were able to work alongside many big architects, such as zaha hadid architects, frank gehry and kengo kuma for example, to understand and ensure the tools support their needs. it really helps create efficient and collaborative design and business processes for global creatives.

dassault systemes 3DEXPERIENCE
the platform supports mechanical engineering, advanced generative design, simulation, and many more tools



with a mechanical engineering background, dassault systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform and specifically their CATIA tool was intuitive to tony’s creative learning. as he ventured into industrial design and founded the paris-based studio paredo, his creativity broadened to all aspects of design — from service to artistic direction and strategy. however, infused throughout, his process is fascinated in new technologies, bio-mimicry and sustainability in order to address social and environment innovations in society.

dassault systemes 3DEXPERIENCE
CATIA, part of dassault systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform, was intuitive to tony’s creative learning



behind all products, there is a consequence regarding the lifecycle of the product for the planet but also for the users,’ states is important for me to have an upstream thinking in a project; I take into account sociological and also political aspects. data technology helps identify the emergence of significant innovation and evolutions. we are in a period where digital can and must be used by designers, engineers and architects in order to build a new definition of progress. for me, this means continuing to address intelligence and effective solutions to solve problems and make life easier for people but in a sustainable and accessible dimension.

dassault systemes 3DEXPERIENCE
3DEXPERIENCE aided in the conceptualization of a new urban air mobility concept for dassault systemes



tony – together with his collaborators at paredo studio – have engaged the 3DEXPERIENCE platform throughout three innovative projects: cableway, HU WA FO GY, and planet care.


‘cableway’ is a concept that, as its name suggests, aims to unclog road infrastructure in cities by exploiting the air without disturbing the urban landscape. it proposes a sustainable, noise-less and efficient means of transportation for city dwellers. aesthetically, the design harmoniously fits with the sky and the landscapes it flies over, but technically, the lower part of cabin doubles up with a very informative function. through a 3D pattern of lights connected to air quality sensors, the cabin analyzes air pollution data and visually communicates it to people below – as an encouragement to be conscious of their environment.

dassault systemes 3DEXPERIENCE
‘cableway’ aims to unclog road infrastructure in cities by exploiting the air



the project is not only sustainable, it was created through an eco-friendly design using digital tools, the project was realized through close collaboration with different teams,’ tony continues. ‘this minimized unnecessary packaging and prototyping, which saved time, waste materials and cost – and was even able to simulate customer experiences. the tools enhanced our creative power, efficiency and speed, so the project has a strong positive environmental impact from concept to realization.


see the design process of ‘cableway’ using tools that enhanced the team’s creative power — learn more here



named after human, water, food and energy, ‘HU WA FO GY’ is a family of intelligent buildings conceptualized for the city of 2050. each one has a unique function but act like new organs of an urban ecosystem, capable of changing to fit new or evolving needs. through research and digital inputs, bio-mimicry adds an imitative material and shape layer to these intelligent buildings. they can adapt to climate responsibilities in environmental, economic and social contexts.

how dassault systemes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud aids sustainable innovation
‘HU WA FO GY’ forms a family of intelligent buildings conceptualized for the city of the future



the concept analyzes the risks and consequences of global warming,’ clarifies tony.I used dassault systemes’ digital tools to better understand natural laws and cycles, capture and improve them, and insert them in a sustainable way when designing buildings and cities. 3D tools enabled me to create complex shapes linked to environmental inputs in an algorithmic approach, and then simulate the experiences. I was able to think, create and communicate on a sustainable architectural vision but without being an architect.


tony used used dassault systemes’ digital tools to better understand natural cycles in the making of ‘HU WA FO GY’



studio paredo’s third project is even more conceptual than the last. called ‘planet care’, the project uses new creation technologies like VR to design a simulating virtual experience. ‘the VR helmets immerse you in practical environments linked to global warming, economic inequalities, or changes in lifestyle in different places around the globe. you can identify, address and respond to issues through quick sketching in the aim of enriching the process of innovation. with the 3D drawing technology in a virtual reality setting, creation becomes even more accessible and collaborative,’ adds tony.

how dassault systemes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud aids sustainable innovation
‘planet care’ uses VR to immerse wearers in various practical environments linked to changes in lifestyle



the ease-of-use, intuitiveness and collaborative nature of dassault systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud is a key benefit for tony, his studio and clients. on the cloud means exactly that; all your design data is securely accessible with an internet connection. designers can work from anywhere whenever they want – and they can work on any part of the design process at any moment. there is a unique continuity with their platform. its range of tools means you can design every aspect of your project if you wish, from 3D sketching all the way to prototyping and simulations. importantly, though, they all run seamlessly and overlap. clients can experience results, request changes, and see these modifications being made instantaneously. last but certainly not least, the online platform connects creators with a network of experts within the company, and also the respective fields. there are webinars to help inform and learn new developments, too.


see how the 3D drawing technology in a virtual reality setting helped tony build ‘planet care’



the 3DEXPERIENCE is one platform for all,’ concludes tony parez-edo martin. ‘every designer has their own preferred tool, so this one precise, powerful and accessible platform ensures the tools remain flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use for all users.


enhance your design ideas through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud — explore here.