‘david lachapelle’ exhibition catalogue for the palazzo reale in milan, italy (book cover)



this show catalogue is equally as comprehensive as its accompanying exhibition at the palazzo reale in milan, italy. the catalogue chronicles the work of this great american photographer from his earlier career to his most recent works. the book takes us on a journey through lachapelle’s career by showcasing his notable celebrity portraits, publication work and his more artistic pieces. lachapelle’s art is unabashedly post-modern. this book looks heavily into his influences and draws specific comparisons with other art works in history, both classical and contemporary. the range of influences is astonishing and gives the reader a new way to approach lachapelle’s work. the text features essays and an interview with lachapelle, discussing his work, the art world  and society. his fascination with contemporary society and culture is ever-present. he simultaneously manages to be an active participant and critic of society. the book manages to stimulate the reader visually and intellectually in a very approachable manner, a testament to  lachapelle’s vision.


david lachapelle catalogue ‘cathedral’ by david lachapelle, 2007