fiat 600 60th anniversary concept: a tribute to dante giacosa
all images courtesy of david obendorfer




the 1955 fiat 600 is one of the most important icons of the italian economic boom. this is probably the first world car of the history. in addition to the company’s main production plants in turin, the automobile was assembled in argentina, chile, uruguay, colombia, and germany, with the seats brand in spain and by the ex-yugoslav zastava.

david obendorfer fiat 600 60th anniversary concept tribute dante giacosa
original 1955 fiat 600 


video courtesy of david obendorfer




the ‘fiat 600 60th anniversary concept’ by david obendorfer reinterprets the historical model designed by dante giacosa, but it is not only an up-to-date stylistic transcript: it is the answer to the question ‘what would be the 600 today?’. a compact, five-door hatchback, positioned in the B-segment, a little over 4 meters in length and designed to accommodate five passengers with luggage. the front with the three horizontal chrome strips, the daytime running lights positioned on the bonnet, and the evocative shape of the rear fender are clearly influenced by the 600 first series.

6oo abarth concept in black

car from above

family-friendly 5-door chasis

high performance abarth version influenced by the early 50’s sports cars of the italian tuning company 



david obendorfer fiat 600 60th anniversary concept tribute dante giacosa


5-door sedan with retro-styled front door handles and hidden rear door handles 

david obendorfer fiat 600 60th anniversary concept tribute dante giacosa
back view

david obendorfer fiat 600 60th anniversary concept tribute dante giacosa
(left) concept sketches 
(right) technical drawings of 4-meter long subcompact hatchback






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