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meet daymak spiritus, the fastest 3-wheel aerodynamic car

A 3-wheel electric car that mines cryptocurrency while parked


for anyone who was wondering what a mixture of a car and a motorcycle would look like, this three-wheeled vehicle has the answer. toronto-based electric-vehicle maker daymak avvenire has debuted its prototype dubbed spiritus. this vehicle is set to be the world’s fastest three-wheeled EV and the first to mine cryptocurrencies when not being driven.


its aerodynamic shape goes beyond all expectations, all the while coming in an eco-friendly package. the car-style front appearance quickly shifts into a single-wheel, motorcycle-like tail. however, thanks to its lightweight construction — just 620kg — it stays nimble and fast.meet daymak spiritus, the fastest aerodynamic 3-wheel carall images by daymak



batmobile in two variants 


daymak avvenire (see more here) will offer the spiritus in two distinctive versions, the spiritus deluxe and spiritus ultimate. the base-level spiritus is given with a top speed of 137km/h and up to 290 km of range, standard with leading comfort and safety features, including nebula crypto mining and wallet. 


the higher-spec spiritus delivers mind-bending acceleration of 0-96 km/h in 1.8 seconds with a top speed of 130 mph. the spiritus ultimate boasts ondata wireless charging technology, plus a 300-mile range and autonomous driving features. both models are all-electric options for the modern urban commuter, offering solar-trickle charging.

meet daymak spiritus, the fastest aerodynamic 3-wheel car


as the company mentioned, with more than 25,000 pre-orders placed on the daymak spiritus, daymak’s avvenire lineup of LEVS has accumulated over $1 billion USD in pre-order commitments. with an initial base model price of $19,995, the daymak spiritus aims to redefine the fun, modern-day commuter as an accessible entry point to green vehicles and cutting-edge technology. 


‘a poster from 2005 of our spiritus concept three-wheeler still hangs in my office, so finally seeing our vision come to life 16 years later and sharing that dream with more than 25,000 people who ordered the vehicle is a very special moment for us. this prototype is a major milestone in our commitment to the avvenire program, and having achieved this goal, the rest of the journey is finally coming together’.


spiritus vehicles expect to be commercially available in 2023. ‘with a fraction of the moving parts, and with the recent leaps in ai, iot, blockchain, and green tech, we believe that the beauty of electric vehicles, specifically three-wheelers, is that they can outperform any vehicle out there in utility and convenience at a fraction of the cost,’ continued baiocchi. ‘the spiritus will do just that. we pledge that our pre-order customers will find themselves behind the wheel of the world’s most advanced and most exhilarating three-wheeled vehicle on the planet when they take delivery as promised in 2023.’

meet daymak spiritus, the fastest aerodynamic 3-wheel car
motorcycle-style tail

meet daymak spiritus, the fastest 3-wheel aerodynamic car
aerodynamic figure


meet daymak spiritus, the fastest 3-wheel aerodynamic car
an app for cryptocurrency mining

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