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since 1972, leading thai furniture exporter deesawat has been paving the way towards a more sustainable wood industry. first starting out as a sawmill, the company has now grown with the development of its own production facilities, where they revive and improve timber building materials in a sustainable manner, with the continuous aim of developing designs for the broader global market. with a focus on teak, white oak, rose wood and asian walnut, along with reclaimed wood, deesawat prides itself on being a green production factory where there is no leftover material that goes unused – everything goes into something!


the business specializes in project customization, whether it is for the commercial or private sector. they aim at collaborating closely with their clients in order to achieve a final outcome that is right for their build, whether it is the actual material choices, patterning and color or practical application. this is evidenced in their extensive inventory of designs that cover a range of architectural needs – from wooden flooring and wall paneling, to decking, doors, fabrics and furniture.



designboom interviews deesawat’s jirachai tangkijngamwong who talks about the company’s green mandate
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jirachai tangkijngamwong of deesawat
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at the 2014 IFFS international furniture fair singapore, where the company is presenting their collection of sustainable building materials, designboom interviewed deesawat’s jirachai tangkijngamwong, who elaborates on the brand’s green mandate and design values, as well as upcoming commercial projects they are working on.

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wood components for residential housing




deesawat sees a lot of success in the development of flooring which is made only from reclaimed and leftover wood from various mills. these off-cuts are sealed with special finishes that express a weathering affect that is reminiscent of antique floor panels, offering an old time feeling to contemporary commercial retail settings, restaurants, casinos, etc. the warmth and diversity of deesawat products are an indication of quality and sustainability, in which they offer the highest form of craftsmanship through their line.

deesawat building materials designboom
wood components for residential housing integrated as floor and wall coverings




if you require more information, you are welcome to write to the deesawat team.

deesawat building materials designboom
‘wood emotion’ brings warmth to the bedroom


deesawat building materials designboom
‘wood emotion’


deesawat sustainable building materials designboom
luxury flooring for a boutique retail space


deesawat sustainable building materials designboom
timber building materials for outdoor use


deesawat sustainable building materials designboom
detail of timber flooring pattern


update (02/09/2014): deesawat is showcasing their 2014 outdoor collection, architectural panels and flooring at the fall edition of maison et objet 2014 from september 5-9.