dekuba juice bar




cuban design duo dekuba (luis ramirez + miguel garces) have designed a juice bar in havana, cuba. the brightly colored interior mimicks the tones of the ‘tropics’ dishes which ramirez designed, and that are used in the bar.


luis ramirez’s ‘tropics’ was a shortlisted entry in the designboom competition ‘ceramics for breakfast’. the design is a ceramic teapot, used as a citrus squeezer and drink pitcher. the squeezer fits within the top of the tea pot, making it convenient and easy to bring fresh juice to the breakfast table.


after his success in our competition, we wanted to invite ramirez to participate in our designboom mart ICFF new york 2007. unfortunately, he was un able to participate, because the US government wouldn’t issue him a visa. so… instead we brought him to our designboom tokyo mart and invited him to exhibit ‘tropics’ as part of our ‘handled with care’ show in london.



dekuba juice bar ‘tropics’ inset




ramirez and garcés’ dekuba initiative is a design practice and gallery which exhibits and commercializes contemporary design products from cuba, bringing them to a more global market.



dekuba juice bar renovating the space



dekuba juice bar miguel garces + luis ramirez hand building the furniture for the bar