digital design 2012

duration september 19 – november 19, 2012

— description learn the fundamentals of visual communication and how to apply them to the multimedia platforms of today. better understand basics of web-design, apps, motion graphics and more.

— learning outcomes via the lessons, discussion, homework assignments and exercises participants will:

• basics of graphic design such as composition, color, typography and representation • discover and discuss the trends in graphic design and multimedia platforms • gain practical knowledge of the software that can empower your business • enhance your portfolio by developing several design projects related to the theme • learn how to multimedia projects from initial stages to final production • learn the basics of the platforms and tools that will help you realize your designs • our instructors will help you verify your ideas so  you can optimize them as much as possible during the course • you also have the opportunity to share your work with other participants for feedback and discussion

— are design-aerobics for you? design-aerobics are ideal for people with with very little time to exercise their design muscles. you can read the lessons whenever you like using nothing other than a web-browsing device. there is no academic requirements needed to take part, our courses are suitable design-enthusiasts of every age and cultural background.

— what you will need to take part in a course design-aerobics courses take place entirely online. there is no paperwork, no CDs or DVDs.

you will need: 

• a computer • internet connection • email address • a passion for design!   please note that during this course we’ll often refer to the following software programs:

Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Dreamweaver

we recommend that if you don’t already own these programs you visit Adobe and download their trial versions at the start of the course.

— how to start once you have purchased a course you will be sent login details by designboom, you’ll normally receive these a day or two prior to the start of the course.

— lessons every design-aerobics course is composed of 30 lessons, which are published online over the duration of two-months. (usually at a rate of a lesson every 2-3 days.) participants are notified of new lessons via the design-aerobics blog, twitter and facebook.

lessons come in the form of essays which highlight specific aspects of the course theme in more detail and explore them from their origins to modern day developments. they are illustrated with images and video and often elaborate on points through case studies and contemporary examples.

— homework and exercises many of the lessons include exercises and at least two include more in-depth homework assignments, but they are not obligatory. almost 50% of participants are busy professionals with little time to do the exercises, while other participants see them as a valuable opportunity to add work to their portfolio.

— discussion course participants can comment on all lessons and blog entries posted in their course. it’s incredibly easy to communicate with course instructors and course mates as the most recent comments are clearly displayed as soon as you login, so you are always up to date with what people are saying.

in addition to lessons instructors will post links and articles related to the course theme. participants also have the ability to post their own writings, images and video themselves using the design-aerobics blog system.

design aerobics 2012: digital design course   overview