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graphic design : may 17 – july 17, 2012 make graphic design work for you. with this course you’ll enhance your understanding of the basics and learn more about current and emerging developments within the field.


Lesson 1: brief history of graphic design

Lesson 2: layout & composition

Lesson 3: typography and typefaces

Lesson 4: manipulation of words and letters

Lesson 5: relationship between form and content

Lesson 6: come back the next day

Lesson 7: quality in itself

Lesson 8: making a living

Lesson 9: museums have separated art from normal experience

Lesson 10: branding

design aerobics 2012: graphic design course    lesson list


Lesson 11: what is the difference between design and decoration?

Lesson 12: letterpress

Lesson 13: pattern making

Lesson 14: the whole is bigger than the sum of is parts

Lesson 15: it has already been done

Lesson 16: signage systems

Lesson 17: pictograms

Lesson 18: conservation and change

Lesson 19: say it with a pin

Lesson 20: book design

Lesson 21: interfaces

Lesson 22: abbreviation

Lesson 23: make me smile

Lesson 24: it is important to…

Lesson 25: calendar

Lesson 26: t-shirt

Lesson 27: the product must end up being simple


Lesson 28: your signage system

Lesson 29: your pins

Lesson 30: a new typeface?