‘dressing the meat of tomorrow’ by james king, 2006 (photo: james king)

new york’s museum of modern art will be presenting a new exhibition from february 24th to may 12th. entitled, ‘design and the elastic mind’, the exhibition explores the role of design in evolutionary change. 

many dramatic shifts have occurred in recent years that have altered many aspects of human life. these rapid changes require a shift on our part. your minds must adapt, design plays an important role in aiding this adaptation. design helps us cope with change, enabling us to fully capitalize on it’s benefits. the exhibition highlights the latest iterations of this circumstance. examples will run the gamut in scale and sector. industrial design will sit with scientific developments and engineering feats; as the exhibit aims to demonstrate, design is as pervasive as ever.

'design and the elastic mind' ‘my bio-reactor cow’ by elio caccavale design studio, 2005 (photo: ingrid hora)

'design and the elastic mind' ‘bee’s’ by susana soares, 2007 (photo: susana soares)

'design and the elastic mind' ‘digital remains’ by michele gauler, 2006 (photo: michele gauler)

'design and the elastic mind' ‘victimless leather’ by oron catts and ionat zurr, 2004 (photo: ionat zurr)