call for entries for the seoul international design competition ‘design for all’ is coming to a close. the deadline for submissions is july 13th, 2010 at 17:00 GMT.

seoul design fair 2010 together with designboom promotes an international design competition. participation is open to applicants from every country in the world, to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts. free registration required.

design for all future technology and daily living

the motto of seoul international design competition 2010 envisions the realization of an egalitarian society and human values through design proposals that are easy, convenient, and pleasant to use. especially in the environment of a contemporary city, as well as product and space, the importance of communication is rapidly increasing (most of it is based on digital technology), and design can bring convenience, safety, equality and pleasure to citizens through establishing a new order between components constituting a city.

the ‘design for all’ objective is made to increase the efforts and the pursuit of design production that can be shared by all, removing emotional and physical barriers by becoming an universal communicative social solution.

'design for all' competition 2010

entries can include anything that is designed for public spaces, facilities, and visual information, along with outcomes and products which deal with or publicize the urban problems, or promote seoul outwardly.

'design for all' competition 2010 seoul, korea image © designboom

'design for all' competition 2010 a glimpse of seoul city life image © designboom

awards the total prize money of seoul design competition 2010 amounts to USD 26,000 *** certification and prize money awarded by the mayor of seoul metropolitan government and special benefits for those who are awarded with golden and silver haechi prizes (within 3,000 USD for individual/team including grants for overseas training for korean winners and invitation to the awards ceremony in seoul for international winners).

– golden haechi prize: one winner, USD 10,000 – silver haechi prize: three winners, USD 2,000 each – bronze haechi prize: five winners, USD 1,000 each – iron haechi prize: max. ten winners, USD 500 each – honorable mention: within two hundred people, certification for each – people’s choice awards: twenty winners, certification for each

registration closes on july 13th, 2010.

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