2010 DFA grand award winner new krewrap, food-wrapping film by kureha corporation, japan

compact design can still make an impact.

in spite of their physical size, asian compact designs also bring benefits to the community and raise the living standard of people.

four winners of the design for asia award (DFA award) in 2009 and 2010 of the hong kong design centre illustrate the capability of a good design,

regardless of its size, can influence asian lifestyle and deliver a sustainable, higher quality of life for all.

the new krewrap was one of the nine DFA grand award winners and the recipient of a bronze award in the household appliance category in 2010.

arising from a desire to protect the environment and reduce domestic waste, kureha corporation began to work on a solution to minimize environmental issues caused by low-cost cling wrap. it was discovered that tearing away a sheet of desired length is rarely achieved with a single attempt, which leads to an amount of waste. in response to this problem, the new krewrap was designed. it incorporates a bio-degradable v-shaped plastic blade that makes the wrap easier to cut at the required length; a graphic device tells the user to press as a way of securing each plastic sheet. a cartoon of a whimsical smiling girl is designed to fit in the window-like hole; her full-face expression, when the upper flap is folded down, indicates the product is ready for use. this simple design encourages consumers to be eco-friendly, contributing to waste and volume reduction.

design for asia award 2011: compact design 2009 DFA grand award winner a domestic transformer by edge design institute ltd, hong kong

influenced by the hong kong environment and the way its citizens live their lifestyles in an area of hyper-density and intensity, architect gary chang of EDGE design institute transformed his 32m2 apartment into an interactive but compact site, by using sliding panels and walls to offer 24 different room combinations to suit the resident’s needs. nothing is compromised as it utilizes every inch of usable space to ensure high efficiency and user friendliness. this domestic design project also demonstrates green principles showing the huge eco possibilities that can be achieved in a tiny space.

design for asia award 2011: compact design 2010 DFA merit recognition the ‘decent’ japanese travelling communicator by enlighten fish ltd., hong kong

the ‘decent’ japanese travelling communicator is an innovative bi-directional and customizable mobile application for travellers to japan. unlike other travelling phrase books or mobile apps, phrases with a list of possible responses are displayed with illustrations and narrated in native japanese pronunciation for both parties to communicate and understand. by using this simple but interactive design, instant communication can be enhanced.

design for asia award 2011: compact design 2010 DFA merit recognition speedo eco-packaging by speedo international ltd., hong kong

although it is the first major swimwear manufacturer to eliminate plastic from packaging, speedo did not compromise on the style, design and comfort of the eco-friendly packs for eye and headwear. by using swimsuit fabric cut-offs, speedo has produced reusable goggle pouches which use significantly less PVC and plastic, and this waste reduction approach may inspire its peers to also go green.

the design for asia award was established by hong kong design centre in 2003 to honour and acknowledge design products/projects that have the potential to enhance the quality and vibrancy of asian lives. it is now calling for global entries for this year’s awards, which are open until the end of july 2011. a series of DFA gold, silver, bronze awards and merit recognition will be presented to acknowledge the overall excellence of the entries from 18 categories under four design disciplines, including apparel and accessory design, communication design, product and industrial design, and environmental design. on top of the category awards, ten DFA grand awards which recognize projects of impact on asia and have achieved commercial; societal success will be selected. in addition, three special awards will be awarded to projects of significant contribution on sustainability, culture and technology.