‘tokyo next design project ’08’

since 2003, the design for asia (DFA) award organized by hong kong design centre (HKDC), has identified and honoured the best examples of creative genius in the region. it has also created more opportunities to acknowledge innovative projects that have the potential to enhance the quality and vibrancy of people’s lives in asia. with substantial support from create hong kong under the commerce and economic development bureau of HKSAR, HKDC introduced the DFA student award in 2010, recognizing outstanding students, and their projects, in asia who have accomplished innovative cross-disciplinary creative collaboration.

previous award-winning projects have reflected the ability of teammates to learn and understand mutual perspective, exploring the impact of design on commercial and societal success and integrate knowledge through motivation, creativity and interaction.

design for asia student award 2011 ‘tokyo next design project ’08’

tokyo next design project ’08 & graduation works, led by hoshi masaaki, is a winning cross-disciplinary creative project, a collaboration between onishi of asakusa and the product laboratory of tama art university. hoshi and his team set out to explore new variations of screen type and developed a new type of structural cloth called ‘gridable.ad’, opening up many new application possibilities beyond the traditional screen. this innovative yet pragmatic projection screen is overtaking existing ways of display, presentation and projection in asia and is likely to be the application of the future in the commercial sector.

design for asia student award 2011 ‘lost memories’

an award-winning documentary video entitled ‘lost memories’, created by chi tai yun, chi tai ying, lin ping yi and liao lu chen, four undergraduates from taiwan’s fu jen catholic university, reinforces the mission of the DFA student award. the team members spent nine months travelling around taiwan on two scooters, to record the stories of 100 endangered handicraft artists and their industries. the video showcased the dedication and persistence of those long-term practitioners in their declining industries, illustrating the impacts of commercial and technological advancement in the ever-changing society. the ‘lost memories’ project demonstrated the creativity and team spirit of the group, anchoring design firmly in a local cultural context. 

design for asia student award 2011 ‘lost memories’

in november, 10 finalists of the DFA student award 2011 will be selected and sponsored to present their projects to the international judging panel in hong kong, and attend forums of the renowned business of design week (BODW) 2011 to meet gurus in the industry. ms. amy chow, project director of hong kong design centre said: ‘the DFA student award is the first-of-its-kind regional recognition of students in asia for all design disciplines. it aims to engage them in discussion and evaluation of the relationship between design, creativity, innovation and enabling technologies through partnerships. it also opens doors to up-and-coming young designers from asia to cooperate with brands, organizations and/or teammates, exploring their own approach to collaborative design – the future of modern-day design. most importantly, it encourages the exchange of ideas and networking among peers by awarding the 10 finalists with complimentary transportation to/from hong kong, accommodation and access to forums of BODW, meeting unparalleled experts, leaders and legends in the field of design.’ 

interested design students in asia may submit applications online at design for asia student award 2011 from now through october 20th, 2011.

design for asia student award 2011 ‘lost memories’

design for asia student award 2011