‘swivel chair’ by bokja, sixties furniture upholstered in embroidered vintage fabric from tajikistan – image © bokja

al-sabah art & design collection is a contemporary gallery which is scheduled to open its doors in dubai in early spring of 2009. the gallery is the result of a recent partnership agreement between DIFC (dubai international financial centre) and founder of the luxury retail emporium villa moda, sheikh majed al-sabah from kuwait. the mission of the gallery is to promote the craftsmanship of the middle east. sheikh majed al-sabah wants to encourage local governments to take more responsibility in preserving their cultural heritage.

before the gallery is even completed, it will preview its collection at this year’s design miami 2008 from december 1st – 8th with an exhibition entitled ‘ALEF’. the name of the exhibition refers to the first letter of the arabic alphabet ‘a’, but also acts as a symbolic name to mark the gallery’s first show. ‘ALEF’ will highlight the work of two lebanese designers, huda baroudi and maria hibri of bokja. the duo is known for their use of vintage furniture, embroidered in fabrics originating from the east. also on show will be the work of dutch product designer, pieke bergmans, who works in porcelain, plastic and glass. he will be creating a series of pieces using traditional syrian mother-of-pearl inlaid antique pieces of furniture. for the gallery’s official opening in 2009, new works by studio job, maarten baas, marcel wanders and jaime hayon, who have created limited edition pieces with local artisans, will be revealed

design miami/ 08: al sabahart & design collection ‘swivel talia’ by bokja, vintage furniture upholstered in a combination of vintage lakii from central asia together with suzani (decorative textile) and new fabric – image © dina debbas

design miami/ 08: al sabahart & design collection ‘crystal virus’ by pieke bergmans, blown glass vase


designboom snapshots design miami 2007


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