‘FHL sports store’ by design spiritscustom made shelving systemall images courtesy alvin  – the staek photography



japanese studio design spirits were challenged to transform a new york-styled loft into a minimal and contemporary by using vector brick pattern wall paper, cabinet design and nylon netting and mesh instead handrails. located in kuala lumpur within a newly developing residential area, the ‘FHL’ shop is specializes in triathlon bicycles and equipment. providing an ambiance similar to the bronx in NYC, the configuration introduces a mezzanine floor at its core – with ceiling measuring 5 meters.



design spirits: FHL sports storeaccessories department



design spirits: FHL sports storekitchen area



design spirits: FHL sports storemezzanine Floor



design spirits: FHL sports storewheel decoration



 design spirits: FHL sports storeretail main entrance



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