l: ‘you me no.3’ is an art piece drawn with ballpoint penr: ‘how are you (?)


marian bantjes started working in the field of visual communication in 1983, and subsequentlyworked for 10 years as a book typesetter (that is her education). from 1993 to 2002 she owned and ran a design firm with a partner, with 2 to 12 staff members, creating the usual gamut of materials for a wide range of corporate, education and arts-organizations (that is her experience). since 2003 she has crossed the boundaries between design, illustration and typography and currently works in this zone, mostly for other designers (that is her experiment). she is also in her 4th year on the british columbia board of the society of graphic-designers of canada (GDC/BC), writes about design for the design website speak up, and teaches typographythrough emily carr institute in vancouver.


designboom article: marian bantjes

project with stefan sagmeister, the phrase in english means: ‘complaining is silly. either act or forget’the piece crosses 6 panels that are 342 x 342 cm each