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already one of the most popular online design and architecture magazines in mainland china, designboom acknowledges the progressiveness and global impact of asia’s largest country, by launching a chinese edition. designboom china sees a selection of articles from our established english publication translated into mandarin; supplemented by local content that covers developments in the region’s creative scene, to give it added relevance to its targeted audience.





with outstanding quality and creativity, designboom china sets a new benchmark for chinese online culture publications. the magazine carries a mixture of international and local content, published under copyright cooperation by BIDC in partnership with the state-owned red-star-award.


entering china, designboom is extending its global reach and sees a growing audience for lifestyle news and advertising, quickly establishing a solid core of readers who appreciate its unrivaled sophistication. designboom china is recommended to tens of millions of chinese professionals and passionates. ‘we already have half a million readers monthly on our website from china’, says massimo mini, CEO of designboom. ‘it’s a big market for us already and designboom china grows approx. 200% every month, since it debuted.’


dragon li is the editor in chief of designboom china, who works closely with the country’s pre-eminent architects, designers, manufacturers and photographers. the plan is for two-thirds of the chinese edition to be made up of stories from existing english-language stories found on, with the rest coming from staff in beijing, shanghai, and hong kong. designboom china has seven staff reporters based in beijing, but the complete staff for the chinese edition, including editors, reporters, photographers and translators, will round out to about 35 people. many of the staff will work on translation, which requires more than simple word matching.



designboom china brings the best of artarchitecturedesign and technology to the chinese community!




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designboom china goes live in 2014



dragon li, CEO of designboom china + massimo mini, CEO designboom
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