mercado colon, valencia image © designboom


the first ever designboom mart in spain took place in valencia from september 28 – october 2, 2010: presenting a group exhibition of 35 design talents from all over the world. as part of the cultural program of the valencia disseny week and asociación de diseñadores de la comunidad valenciana (ADCV), the mart was a lively night market built within a real market building in the historic city center. open during the afternoons and evenings, visitors were able to meet the young avant-garde, discuss and buy self-produced or limited edition pieces directly from the designers.


here’s all of the designers that took part:

valencia-designboom-mart-2010valencia mart flyer 2010 showing all participantsimage © designboom



just like a real bazaar, the valencia designboom mart was located inside mercado colon – a historical market place within the city center.


designboom mart : valencia 2010 inside view of the mercado colon image © designboom


designboom mart : valencia 2010 shortly before the opening of the mart – participants bring their goods images © designboom


designboom marts are an unprecedented opportunity to meet the young designers and become familiar with their work. the group exhibitions see international design professionals personally presenting their wares (prototypes and/or limited edition pieces) along with, various-samples. the designers have the opportunity to meet and discuss with customers, manufacturers, distributors, press and museum curators – verifying their designs and their packaging credentials. mart visitors can purchase intelligent, useful and quirky items for a symbolic price, anywhere between 10 – 100 EURO.


designboom mart : valencia 2010 images © designboom


the mart is all about ‘selling design originals’, and at the same time, a fantastic way to promote yourself! it is also about socializing, making friendships, meeting new people from different countries, etc… the designers have direct contact with clients and receive immediate feedback about their products on sale.


designboom mart : valencia 2010 curious customers discuss with the designers about their work, mart participants make friends, botton left: the mart dinner after a long show evening images © designboom


the designboom mart is widely recognized as the ORIGINAL, the first ever design bazaar. in early 2005 designboom created a completely new formula of exhibition and since then we have organized over 20 international marts worldwide, that combine high-profile design with a popular street market setting, making up the cultural program of trade fairs.