installation view of 101% designed in brussels exhibition image © designboom

annually, brussels export and designed in brussels selects the work of designers from the belgian city, functioning as a framework in which to promote their design practice on an international level through a presentation entitled ‘101% designed in brussels’.

this year’s exhibition at milan design week was housed inside an old auto mechanics workshop in zona tortona, and included the work of designers nathalie dewez, chevalier-masson (anne masson and eric chevalier) and jean -françois d’or of lourdor design studio.

designed in brussels at milan 2010‘the book’ by jean-françois d’or for jongformlounge chair: 88 x 52 x 82 cm stool: 62 x 52 x 40 cmimage © designboom

on any chair or sofa, the function between the seat and the back is useless for ergonomy. typically within the back of the seat, there is a narrow empty space in which keys or coins end up. ‘the book’ by jean-françois d’or for jongform is a lounge chair and stool which accentuates this area by utilizing it as a real storage space. accompanying the chair is a stool which can be used as a pouf, side table or foot-rest, making up a long chair.

‘the book’ is made from a natural wood structure with a fabric covering in textile, felt or leather.

designed in brussels at milan 2010up close of the ‘slot’ between the back and seat of the chair image © designboom

designed in brussels at milan 2010‘disk lamp’ by nathalie dewez image © designboom

the work of lighting designer nathalie dewez is characterized by an economic use of means, constructing her pieces with minimal components, with a focus on ease of production. her ‘disk lamp’ for feld, is made of an aluminum disk which contrasts with the bulb, reflecting and enhancing the light. its aluminum top arm can turn to orientate the lamp to your desired position.

designed in brussels at milan 2010detail of the disk image © designboom

designed in brussels at milan 2010‘linea lamp’ by nathalie dewez 2 x 43 x 100 cm image © designboom

dewze’s ‘linea lamp’ is made from an aluminum tube which has been bent in such a way that its form rests over the edge of a table. the tube houses LEDs as its source of illumination.

designed in brussels at milan 2010detail of the lamp’s structural form which simply sits on top of a table without any attachment image © designboom

designed in brussels at milan 2010‘field & panorama rug’ by chevalier-masson image © designboom

this rug by chevalier-masson is a knit structure with a yarn which gives a specific texture. this particular rug wraps around the corner of two walls, accentuating a change of space.