designnobis’ tentative provides shelter in post-disaster situations
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natural disasters displace a staggering amount of people around the world every annually. in 2013, collected data stated 22 million around the world — three times the number of war-caused relocations — were forced from their homes and lands due to natural causes. the knowledge prompted sustainable-focused designnobis studio to start looking for solutions. humans are a resilient species, often able to thrive in the most dire circumstances. yet, refugee situations tend to stretch from days to weeks, months to years, with some never even returning to their former homeland.

‘tentative’ build process 




at any point in the post natural disaster timeline a strong, sturdy shelter provides invaluable benefits; from protection of the elements, to keeping a family safe. ‘tentative’ by designnobis, is a compact catastrophe unit specifically created for the front lines of aid. simple yet innovative, ‘tentative’ is made of fiberglass shells sealed with a durable, weather-resistant textile with thermal insulated perlite infill.

designnobis tentative post-disaster shelter designboom




the roof has water collection capabilities, and provides the interior with natural light and ventilation. the ground is laid with thermal insulated, recyclable composite decks further aided by legs that rise the unit high above the ground — a major cause of hypothermia in disaster situations. ‘tentative’ is collapsable for flat-pack, and easily transportable to various climates and geographical sites. each shelter provides enough space for two adults and two children

designnobis tentative post-disaster shelter designboom
water collection system 

a standard semi-trailer is capable of transporting 24 units



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