devine protection is a dummy seatbelt plug that puts life in god's hands

devine protection is a dummy seatbelt plug that puts life in god's hands



‘devine protection’ is the latest satirical project by design agency chairbox. the conceptual product is a cross-shaped dummy seatbelt plug that silences annoying vehicular alerts and puts your life in god’s hands… yes, that’s right. 


with a healthy dose of black humor, the designer says the product aims to solve a common driving frustration while ‘allowing drivers to demonstrate their faith in god’s ability to protect them from all harm.’

devine protection 1
images courtesy of chairbox



devine protection is made of soft silicone and stainless steel. it is fashioned in the shape of a cross and can be inserted into the seatbelt receptacle, thus bypassing alerts that a seatbelt isn’t buckled.


the designer says it delivers a more comfortable option than wearing a seatbelt or plugging it in behind the passenger’s back. and unlike other dummy plugs on the market, devine protection gives drivers and passengers the assurance that god is with them and will protect them in the event of a crash.

devine protection 3
devine protection can be inserted into the seatbelt receptacle



with this sardonic take on faith, chairbox seeks to criticize common issues in society. devine protection is the first in a series of products offering bold commentary on social issues and beliefs.


‘while seatbelts offer a manmade option to protect drivers and passengers in the event of a crash, I prefer to trust god’s hand and watchful eye to offer the ultimate protection in crash situations, just as in every other situation in life,’  noted one potential user. ‘the devine protection seatbelt plug puts my faith on full display while eliminating the discomfort of wearing seatbelts or listening to that annoying notification that a seatbelt isn’t buckled.’


editor’s note: in case god’s busy, please always wear a seatbelt.

devine protection 4
devine protection offers a sardonic take on faith


chairbox is a design agency offering bold commentary on social issues and beliefs



project info:


name: devine protection
design: chairbox


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