cardboard covering in textile form image courtesy of diane styverlynck

‘cardboard coverings’ were designed by belgian textile designer, diane styverlynk. manufactured using worn boxes, they propose a new function for cardboard as a blanket. the texture of the rigid and uncomfortable material is transformed into a soft, supple textile. graphics of the original boxes remind us that they were once disposable containers used for packing. now, the coverings provide insulation, a layer of protection and are easy to transport. they are warm and offer comfort with minimal material.

diane steverlynk: cardboard coveringsthe blanket’s origins are still present with box orientation instructions image courtesy of diane steverlynck

diane steverlynk: cardboard coveringsimage courtesy of diane styverlynck

diane steverlynk: cardboard coveringsthe cardboard’s original state before being made into a blanket image courtesy of diane styverlynck