uufie + jeff goodman studio balance egg-shaped dinuovo collection
all images courtesy of uufie




‘dinuovo’ is a collection of hand-blown glass objects by toronto-based practice uufie in collaboration with jeff goodman studio. using their center of gravity, the delicate pieces balance like an upside down egg and can serve as a light fixture or vase. the yolk is represented by an orb of light that appears to be floating within the transparent container, which is formed by layering glass with varying thicknesses.



‘dinuovo collection’
video courtesy of uufie



the design is based on a story of christopher columbus standing on an egg from the book, ‘the history of the new world’ by girolamo benzoni, an italian historian and traveler. at nearly half a meter high and 15kg in weight, the pieces seek to evoke new possibilities and curiosity. ‘dinuovo’ was first presented at museo bagatti valsecchi in the ‘untold’ exhibition curated by rossana orlandi.

the glass collection can serve as a light fixture or vase


uufie + jeff goodman studio balance dinuovo glass collection
the collection of glass blown objects have delicate balance and pivot points


the objects were presented at museo bagatti valsecch


uufie + jeff goodman studio balance dinuovo glass collection
the installation



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