dirk vander kooij’s chubby + RVR synthetic chairs look soft, but are as tough a oak wood

 all images courtesy of dirk vander kooij




dirk vander kooij’s ‘chubby’ and ‘RVR’ synthetic chairs may look soft and squeezable, however they are as tough oak wood. ‘chubby’ looks as if it has been squeezed from a toothpaste tube, through its curved form and thick molten lines. this moldable quality takes on a fun and playful feel, that brings to mind memories of nursery play materials such as play-doh. the chair is available in various shades of primary colours which thus exaggerates this association.


the ‘chubby’ chair looks as if it has been squeezed from a toothpaste tube  




the ‘rvr’ chair has a similar appearance, with a further exaggerated curved backrest and small protruding arms. the ‘RVR’ takes on a slightly more mature presence, in a pastel blue, grey and white. the pastel blue shows the layers of this chair more evidently than ‘chubby’s’ primary colours, which in effect creates a more elegant, older sister version. the fun and tactile nature of both chairs blur the line between sculpture and furniture design, making them a unique center piece for any interior setting.


‘chubby’ and ‘RVR’ are presented at ingo maurer’s showroom during MCBW (munich creative business week) 2016.


the moldable quality of ‘chubby’ creates a fun and playful feel


although both chairs may look soft and squeezable they are in fact made of tough oak wood


the ‘RVR’ chair has a layered effect that creates a tactile quality 



‘RVR’ in pastel blue