‘elephantskin’ stools are hand-formed while they are still hot and soft

‘elaphantskin’ by dutch designer dirk vander kooij is a series of furniture created through the process of baking recycled plastics, to the point that they form a texture that is as rough as elephant skin. there is the possibility to join different parts of plastic into a product without any moulds. the stools are each hand-formed, while still hot and soft. the use of joints similar to wood constructions are what give the stool its strength.

dirk vander kooij: elephantskin detail

dirk vander kooij: elephantskin ‘elephantskin table’ 200 x 80 x 80 cm

the ‘elephantskin table’ is also made using baked recycled plastic. the skin appears rough and is entirely blackened, camouflaging any scratches which may occur on its surface.

dirk vander kooij: elephantskin ‘elephantskin table’ (details)