if you’ve ever spent hours searching for the perfect font, then FontInLogo is definitely for you. developed by european software company, azwedo, the idea began when the team were learning about the importance of well-known fonts. they started collecting data and ended up with a web platform that lets you search brands and find out which font they are using.

demystify famous brands with fontinlogo 1

all images and video courtesy of azwedo



from netflix to nike, uber to ikea, FontInLogo demystifies some of the most famous and instantly-recognizable brands. whether you’re browsing for fun or searching for the right font for your project, FontInLogo provides an ideal place to spark inspiration. 

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alongside FontInLogo, azwedo has also developed a blog where their designers will give more elaborate thought on specific topics. their aim is to help the design community, but they are also looking for help from the community. you can help by submitting a brand with its font details or just simply asking for any missing brand, and they’ll do our best to add it. 

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project info:


project name: FontInLogo

design: azwedo


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