disrupting the world of elite sports performance
photo by ian macnicol, courtesy of oakley




oakley, together with designboom, invite you to challenge the conventions of design, and bring something fresh to the world of elite sports performance. from infrastructure and architecture, to apparel, digital concepts and wearable technology —  we are looking for innovative concepts, driven by a radical approach, that push the boundaries of one’s athletic abilities, and the possibilities of how they can be improved and enhanced through design. submit your original proposals to the oakley ‘disruptive by design’ competition, and you could win an exclusive opportunity to engage in a week long immersive creative experience in california, USA.

a sneak peek inside oakley’s one icon headquarters in orange county, california




the winner of the ‘disruptive by design’ competition will receive an all expenses paid trip to california, where they will participate in a week of exclusive access to oakley and its one icon HQ — the place where all of oakley’s innovative design happens. the disruptive designer will join oakley’s vice president of design, peter yee, and design director, brian takumi for lunch where they will have the chance to learn from two of oakley’s key innovators and ask them questions about their process to understand and discuss how the brand’s product development is carried out. additionally, the lucky individual will gain invaluable industry insight and feedback on their own work, to move forward and better their personal design practice through a portfolio review conducted by a senior member of the oakley design team. to top it all off, the winning design will be brought to life through a 3D-printed prototype, making it more tangible, bringing it one step closer to reality.

oakley disruptive by design prize designboom
the winner will receive an all expenses paid trip to california, including an exclusive tour of oakley’s one icon HQ (above)




the week-long program is rounded out by a series of workshops at the art center college of design, in which the winner will participate in studio classes and activities, to further enhance their creative expertise and knowledge.

oakley disruptive by design prize designboom
photo by chasen marshall, courtesy of oakley




the ‘disruptive by design’ competition aims to find the next generation of disruptive designers who will approach the world around them in unexpected ways. if you have an idea that will disrupt elite sports performance in ways that have never before been seen, then enter your idea(s) here. there are no limits on what your design can be – whether it is a product, a garment, a re-envisioned way to use a particular technology, or something complete new – as long as it responds to or enhances elite sports performance.

photo by justin kosman, courtesy of oakley




disruptive by design’ is about shaking up the norms and challenging yourself to be a game changer – on a large or small scale. whether it’s through material innovation, form, social or economic impact – it is all about being a revolutionary thinker. oakley, in collaboration with designboom is looking for design #disruptors who will challenge expectations and amaze the world with their approach to design. 


do you disregard the usual creative parameters, think unconventionally and want to change the world? then you are a design disruptor. for your chance to experience this incredible opportunity, create an innovative design that will disrupt elite sports performance in a way that hasn’t been seen before. there are no limits to where your inspiration comes from, and there are no restrictions on the format of your concept. it could be a digital design, garment, new way to use technology, product, even a piece of architecture. the only rule is that it needs to fit the parameters of ‘disruptive by design’.


for more information, visit the oakley ‘disruptive by design’ call-for-entries and official competition rules.
submissions deadline is september 28th, 2014 23:59 (GMT).