korean artist jinyeong yeon has designed the aluminum anodized series, a chair and stool collection made out of distorted aluminum pipes. the furniture series talks about the ‘contradictory beauty’ of objects that have been abused and deformed.

aluminum anodized series 1

aluminum anodized blue chair
all images courtesy of jinyeong yeon



we easily abuse man and things.’ jinyeong yeon shares, adding that through his designs, he wanted to depict how people feel when they go through criticism and abuse. in the anodized series, the aluminum pipes have been modified by sadistic practices, changing the chairs’ shapes irreversibly. the pipes were tapped, folded, hit, and welded in order to achieve a variety of interesting shapes. the construction process was completed by sanding and anodizing, for a colorful and attractive look.  

aluminum anodized series 2
aluminum anodized chair series


aluminum anodized series 3
aluminum anodized chair


aluminum anodized series 4
aluminum anodized purple stool


aluminum anodized series 5
aluminum anodized gold bar stool


aluminum anodized series 6
aluminum anodized pink stool 



aluminum anodized series 8



project info:


name: aluminum anodized series
designer: jinyeong yeon



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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom