‘baubike’ by michael ubbesen http://www.baubike.dk

opening today is the seventh edition of the DMY design festival berlin. the event consists of exhibitions, lectures, panels talks, symposiums, workshops and performances, with more than 550 international designers present. in addition to the festival’s main exhibitions there will be over 50 satellite exhibitions throughout the city.

this year the festival jury headed by jurgen bey includes designers and architects; bless, jürgen mayer h, jerszy seymour and kyoka who have selected the nominees of the DMY award, they are:

eva marguerre – nido stools and table series realities united – contemporary architecture sandberg institute – domestic making: a house of possibilities oskar zieta – fidu bench walking chair (karl emilio pircher and fidel peugeot) – you may mischer’traxler – the idea of a tree the green eyl – appeel wachs (peter schwartz and helene steiner) – colo michael ubbesen – baubike kühne jäger – cable cubes

DMY berlin design festival 09 ‘baubike’ by michael ubbesen

‘baubike’ is constructed around the geometric shape of the square and the equilateral triangle. the design of the bike is stripped down to clean lines and raw material.

DMY berlin design festival 09 art installation by realities united http://www.realities-united.de

art installation combining light and display functionality. two digits of seven segment display formed using industrial fluorescent tubes are suspended from the ceiling. the installation is light sign, information carrier, and light source at the same time.

DMY berlin design festival 09 ‘fidu’ bench by oskar zieta http://www.zieta.pl

DMY berlin design festival 09 ‘cable cubes’ by kühne jäger http://www.kuehne-jaeger.de

modular arrangement system for the most common computer cables. the modules can be plugged into one another and fixed onto the wall.

DMY berlin design festival 09 ‘the idea of a tree’ by mischer’traxler http://www.mischertraxler.com

a machine which functions through a mixture of mechanics and natural energy (solar). the machine creates an object each day depending on the amount of sunlight available.

mischer’traxler were participants in designboom’s handled with care exhibition in 2007.

DMY berlin design festival 09 ‘the idea of a tree’ by mischer’traxler

designboom is media sponsor of the DMY design festival 09.