making sure to take great care of puppies‘ sensitive feet, a team of japanese designers introduces custom, 3D printed dogsoxx. the monochromatic line of minimalistic footwear is realized with an appreciation for the surprisingly delicate soles that many dogs have, while they may look tough — especially when compared with the softer feline paws. while paws are very important for dogs, even controlling body temperature by sweating, it is important that they are taken care of each day. dogsoxx are designed to be comfortable, simple, and easy to take on and off. with minimal detailing and a single black or white colorway, the japanese design is a far cry from salomon’s trail running vision for an april fool’s dog shoe.

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the team behind dogsoxx offers the line to be custom made and 3D printed to fit dogs’ unique feet. the designers also seek to make sure that puppies are protected from sharp and unsanitary items. whether walking through the city or out on the trails, dogs are bound to step in such litter as broken glass or metal — while we continue to work together to resolve the ongoing litter issue, puppies should feel protected and at ease. the dogsoxx team developed the little footwear line with influence from the growing number of dog owners across tokyo — keeping tabs on the street style trends spotted on dogs alike as paws have been seen sporting little shoes more commonly across the city.




dogsoxx are available for purchase from japan, for ¥4,500, or around $40 USD. the design team also offers a line of custom and 3D printed dog bowls, complete with each puppie’s name embossed.


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