through his research on ways to reduce plastic byproduct, seoul-based designer donghoon sohn has come up with ‘BSP’, a furniture collection with a distinct style. the name of the project -which stands for byproduct, solvent, plastic-, as well as its design, draws influence from the BLT club sandwich. 

b s p collection 1
the plastic on the edges reminds of cheese spilling out of a sandwich
all images courtesy of donghoon sohn



with the intent to find new possibilities to utilize plastic byproducts, donghoon sohn focused on the plastic flakes that are generated while making numerous design prototypes of CNC or 3D printing. after thorough research and various tests in the chemistry lab, the designer noticed that particular types of plastic can melt after being combined with organic solvents. especially tiny flakes or small parts from failure are easy to dissolve in a little amount of solvent due to their large surface area. 

b s p collection 2



based on this newly found information, the designer has reinterpreted mass production plastic, into a handicraft material. in this project, he connects plastic with plastic byproduct by hand, before solidifying it with solvent evaporation. the resulting furniture items appear as if they have spilled cheese on their edges, catching people’s attention and generating a distinct aesthetic.

b s p collection 3



the designer has used this form of plastic byproduct, to combine a series of virgin plastic plates. the melted material is pressed between the surfaces that push it to emerge from the edges, looking like melted cheese spilling out of a BLT sandwich. this technique can be applied to different shapes and colors, to create a vast variety of furniture, and many other design and art pieces. 

b s p collection 4

b s p collection 5

b s p collection 6

b s p collection 7

b s p collection 8

b s p collection 9

b s p collection 10

b s p collection 11



project info:


name: BSP collection
designer: donghoon sohn



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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom