dongyeop han has introduced a furniture series that reinterprets the korean traditional low table ‘soban’. the designer has grooved the top plate of the table at a constant depth and spacing, creating a zigzag pattern. in addition, various types of coasters have also been cut in the same way, on their bottom surface, in order to fit perfectly on the table top. 

zigzag furniture 1
zigzag round soban
all images courtesy of dongyeop han



the ridges on the design created by dongyeop han, that are reminiscent of the classic wooden washboard, serve a decorative and functional role. the surface engagement between the table and the coasters gives a fun twist to the design, separating it from the fixed form that usually characterizes mass produced furniture. coasters in various shapes and colors can be selected according to the customer’s taste. 

zigzag furniture 2
zigzag round soban & pencil holder



the materials used are mainly wood, including hard maple and walnut, while sometimes colorful steel completes the item. depending on the condition of the wood, the designer might dig grooves directly into the tops or use computer-controlled machines. 

zigzag furniture 3
zigzag round soban / hard maple, steel(mint color) / Ø380 x 420(h)


zigzag furniture 4
zigzag round soban / hard maple, steel(white color) / Ø380 x 320(h)


zigzag furniture 5
zigzag square soban / hard maple, steel(blue green, orange red color) / 340 x 340 x 246(h)


zigzag furniture 6
zigzag round soban / hard maple, milk paint / 340 x 340 x 230(h)


zigzag furniture 7
zigzag round soban / walnut, milk paint / 350 x 350 x 180(h)


zigzag furniture 8
zigzag round soban / hard maple, milk paint / 730 x 380 x 250(h)


zigzag furniture 9
zigzag cabinet / beech, walnut, birch plywood, milk paint / 930 x 350 x 340(h)


zigzag furniture 10
zigzag table / hard maple, steel(white color) / 1800 x 560 x 710(h)


zigzag furniture 11
zigzag table / hard maple, steel(white color) / 1800 x 560 x 710(h)


zigzag furniture 12
various coasters



project info:


name: zigzag furniture
dongyeop han



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