doriana + massimiliano fuksas layer chantal light for slamp
Ø 36 x h 60 cm (LED 40w) / Ø 50 x h 85 cm (LED 80w) / Ø 66 x h 115 cm (LED 120w)



doriana and massimiliano fuksas create a world of illusions with their ‘chantal’ light for slamp. the collection of orange, blue and white hanging luminaires is born from the challenge of wanting to transform a two-dimensional element into a series of endlessly, multiplying volumes. ‘chantal’ is formed from strata of cristalflex® and lentiflex® materials, perforated with hexogonal cut-outs, which collectively form an effect that is reminiscent of waves; and the transparency of the moment when they thin out and dematerialize. ‘chantal’ was presented at euroluce during the 2015 salone del mobile.

doriana massimiliano fuksas slamp
‘chantal’ was born from the desire to transform a two-dimensional element into an endlessly, multiplying volume


doriana massimiliano fuksas slamp
detail of the cristalflex® and lentiflex® material used to create each lamp

doriana massimiliano fuksas slamp
‘chantal’ by doriana and massimiliano fuksas creates a world of illusions

doriana massimiliano fuksas slamp
the various layers result in a light that is reminiscent of waves, and the moment when they thin outmassimiliano-doriana-fuksas-chantal-slamp-designboom_002 

‘chantal’ by doriana and massimiliano fuksas at the slamp stand during euroluce 2015
image © adriano mauri / designboom


doriana fuksas
image © designboom